Physical Properties and Uses of Terylene

Physical Properties and Uses of Terylene

Terylene (Dacron)is a polyester fibre, obtained by condensation polymerization of ethylene glycol and dimethyl terephthalate (D.M.T)

Physical properties of Terylene are

  • Terylene fibres are strong and elastic in nature.
  • They absorb very little water and hence dry quickly.
  • They are stable at high temperatures.
  • They are insoluble in most organic solvents, and resistant to acid and cold alkalies.
  • They are crease resistant hence require very less ironing.
  • They are resistant to attack of moths and fungi.
  • They are resistant to friction (abrasion).

Uses of Terylene are

  • Terylene is widely used in textile industry it can be blended (mixed) with cotton and wool to give terycot and terywool respectively.
  • It is used to prepare fishing nets.
  • It is used to prepare filter cloths and conveyor belts etc.
  • It is used to make magnetic recording tapes and films.
  • Terylene is also called PET (Polyethene terephthalate) this PET bottles and jars are used to store food materials.

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